Driving back to Sweden. “Only” about 3000 km…

  We woke up in the morning, realizing we had been parked about 50 meters from a huge beach. (Well, we heard the waves all night, but we didn’t actually park on the beach…) Driving home from Spain took 5 days. The first night we found a little forest close to Burgos. It was super cold during the night, and we found out it was 0C when we woke up… Coooold. So we decided to skip wild camping for the last bit of the trip. So the next day we stopped in Richelieu, France (yes, the same as the Cardinal) at Relais the Plessis. The following day we passed through Paris for a very quick drive-through, and the rest was alternating between high speeds and the famous German “stau”‘s on their Autobahns. The night was spent in a cute German little town kneip Hotel-Restaurant Landhaus Brunnenhof in Holzheim. October 27 was spent on even more Autobahn’s, and a quick pit stop at Bordershop in Puttgarden before entering Denmark and a relatively short drive up to Malmö and a visit to last year’s BFGoodrich sponsored family Marken where we spent a great evening and night. They spent 9 months driving from Malmö to Cape Town, so they had lots of cool stories to tell! The next day was a fairly short 6 hour drive (most of the other days we spent 12 hours in the car, driving around 900 km each day) from Malmö to our home in Rydbo! A total of 9269 km driven, and many experiences richer, we parked our dear Land Cruiser and were very proud of ourselves!  

Home again


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