The last school – “Donkey” school

All good things come to an end (except the sausage which comes to two. Ends…). After a nice sleep in (we didn’t have to go to Ifrane in the morning) we arrived at the last school. At the entrance a large number of donkeys were tied to trees. We jokingly said “this looks like a donkey parking spot”. It later turned out to be true – all kids came to this school by donkey. 2-3 on each donkey. In the middle of the work day, the local mayor came to inspect the work, and invited us all to lunch and to attend a wedding being held in the village not far away. We suspected getting stuck there for a long time, but how could we say no to an invite to visit a traditional Moroccan wedding? In the end we didn’t get too held up, although it took some time to sneak out. We finished the installations and headed to Euro Camping in Azrou once more so we could get a nice shower and say goodbye to everyone. 20171014_081013 (DSC_3444)20171014_09131120171014_09120520171014_10533220171014_101031 (DSC_3452)20171014_111019 (DSC_3454)20171014_121055 (DSC_3457)20171014_12260620171014_131007 (_DSC0738)20171014_131018 (DSC_3460)20171014_131051 (DSC_3465)20171014_131055 (DSC_3462)20171014_14095320171014_141028 (DSC_3473)20171014_14103020171014_141044 (DSC_3471)20171014_151002 (DSC_3477)20171014_151030 (DSC_3476)20171014_151037 (DSC_3479)20171014_15174820171014_174934

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