The adventure begins!

It was with not little excitement we woke up this morning. After a year of dreaming, planning, preparing and packing it was finally time. We packed the last stuff into the car and drove by the BFGoodrich tire place in Arninge to make sure the tire pressure was correct before heading off towards Nynäshamn and Polferries for the ferry to Poland. I had booked us a luxury cabin, so we had plenty of room and a free mini bar. What a shame I had to drive the next day… 😉 20170928_170910 (DSC_3223)20171002_121038 (DSC_3228)20171002_141017 (DSC_3229)20171002_141054 (DSC_3230)20170929_110942 (DSC_3224)20171002_151007 (DSC_3233)20171002_151014 (DSC_3234)20171002_151049 (DSC_3232)20171002_151052 (DSC_3231)

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