Sony sponsored us with an Xperia Z4 tablet

Today I went to the Sony Mobile Communications office in Kista to pick up the Xperia Z4 Tablet they are sponsoring me with. It is totally awesome, and by far the fastest and clearest tablet I have tested. Much faster than my previous favorite, my iPad Air 2.

I immediately loaded the following essential apps on the tablet to prepare for the trip:

  • Action Launcher 3 – better than the stock launcher
  • Avenza maps – will test this for maps
  • Bluettoth GPS – to use with my Garmin Glo external GPS receiver
  • c:geo – Geocaching!
  • Gaia GPS – Offline maps
  • GoPro – For communicating with my GoPro Hero5 cameras
  • GPS Essentials – Baisc GPS stuff
  • iOverlander – Camping sites
  • Google Keep – Notes
  • Locus Maps – Map app for testing
  • Map of Morocco Offline – Could possibly be useful
  • – Offline maps and navigation
  • Navigon Europe – Offline navigation within Europe
  • OneNote – Trip notes
  • Pushbullet – For easy sharing information between devices
  • Park4Night – Camping sites
  • SkyMaps – For clear nights
  • Soviet Military Maps – Map app for testing
  • Spotify – Music
  • SwiftKey Keyb oard – The best Android keyboard
  • Waze – Online navigation
  • WikiLoc – Offline offroad tracks
  • Xplore – File manager
Plus added “app” links to Furkot and SearchForSites.

I also received my Brodit Z4 car mount. All mounted and ready to go! 🙂

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