School 5 – “Fat man”

Up to the café. We stocked up with some nice meat from the butcher, some fresh bread from tbe boulanger, some fresh locally produced vegetables, and off we went to yet another school. This teacher was very interested in taking the equipment to his house instead, but we explained that this was not the purpose of the equipment. I guess we’ll have to come back and check… The day ended with a nice wild camp, a number of beers and yet another star gazing evening by a bonfire. 20171013_11063820171013_11111720171013_121000 (DSC_3429)20171013_121042 (DSC_3432)20171013_12414920171013_141012 (_DSC0703)20171013_141044 (_DSC0712)20171013_141047 (DSC_3442)20171013_161057 (DSC_3443)20171013_16284620171013_17392120171013_18042320171013_211020 (GOPR0687)

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