New BFGoodrich tires, generous friends and colleagues, repair episode 2

Earlier this week, our fantastic Land Cruiser was adorned with a complete set (5) BFGoodrich All Terrain KO2 tires, courtesy of BFGoodrich. They were mounted by Euromaster in Täby, and I would just like to mention them as they were very friendly and professional.

Yesterday I made some notice papers and put out in the Verizon office. Nothing much happened, but today I have received 7 Swish payments, resulting in over $120 in donations for the project! Thank you colleagues! Add to that over $750 donated from Facebook friends. Thank you friends!

Not only that, but I also got a very positive email from Sony Mobile Communications. More about that when all is ready.

And a short update about the earlier repair scare. The parts I ordered from Japan were sent back and forth between the seller and Japanese customs, but they were finally on their way on September 9, and today (September 13) they are standing in my hallway! I also picked up the new (Fenno) exhaust system. And Toyota in Åkersberga have received all the other necessary parts. So we’re all set for the Monday repair day.

After the repairs are done, we’ll start preparing the car for real. 🙂

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