Maintenance and repairs done – sort of…

This morning I took the Toyota to the Toyota dealer in Åkersberga, loaded with the new exhaust system and some other spares. When I picked it up in the evening, I had 22,000 SEK less in my account. Apparently it was very difficult to change the suspension. But now it’s fixed. And the new exhaust system – well it’s there but it didn’t fit very well. Fenno Steel from Finland – you need to get your act together if you’re going to sell aftermarket stuff! I called their Product Manager, and he promised to investigate.

At the same time, I decided to replace the battery. Seemed like a very good decision. Now the car starts better – there were definitely issues with the old one.

On top of all this, I noticed that the car has a strange and very annoying vibration with the new tires. Fortunately BFGoodrich are on it and will investigate what it can be – and possibly we need to replace the tires with another set. But let’s see what they come up with first. TBC. (To Be Continued…)

Oh, I managed to find a new Sponsor for the project also. Staples have decided to sponsor. They haven’t announced with how much yet though… Oh! I also spoke with an awesome solar power company the other day – SaveBySolar. They seem very cool and were very interested in our project!

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