First day of “work” – School Run 2017

pro20171010_090432 We started off with driving into Ifrane and meeting the rest of the team at a wonderful little café. We met Tim Harman, the project manager and our great leader, and Jérôme Chestnot, co project manager and translator (since he speaks very good French…). The previous evening we had gotten to know Michael Beltrami, Mike Woodier, Matt Champion, Dave “Streaky” Chambers (from Abu Dhabi), and Bernhard Ruge and Wioleta Grzybowska from Sweden. I even tried the great cafe au lait! (I’m normally not a coffee drinker, but this coffee I still miss!) After loading up the cars with equipment from the storage facility Tim had found, we first drove to the school they had finished the previous day before going to the second school and starting to work. Both the teachers and the school children were just fantastic! At the end of the day it was decided to camp at Euro Camping in Azrou.

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