Fez (October 22-23) 

After seeing vibrant Marrakesh we also wanted to see one of the most legendary,  original and oldest cities, Fez. So, after a nice breakfast we drove to Fez (via the fast toll road passing Casablanca and Rabat). After a quick shopping stop in Carrefour, we found the camping place Diamant Vert conveniently located just a few minutes outside Fez. We found a nice, cool spot for our car next to a little river, and after testing a horrible meal by the car we had a nice dinner in the restaurant. The next morning we rose early. Since the camping was located in a little “valley”, it was quite dark, chilly and damp among the trees. But it quickly warmed up when the sun rose. We headed off to the maze of Fez and found a great parking area just outside Bab Boujoloud – one of the main gates to the old Medina. Having heard many stories about people getting lost for hours in the narrow souq alleys, we were prepared for the worst as we entered with our Lonely Planet guide hard at hand. And it was a truly amazing experience. By far the coolest medina I have been in! So many cool souq stalls, and they didn’t feel as touristy as the ones in Marrakesh. Here also locals were shopping. We spent several hours browsing and shopping. When we were done, we realized we could start heading north. So we drove off on yet another very cool and winding road, and ended up close to Ouezzane in the Rif mountains. The camping we had been heading for was terribly boring, so we drove back a few kilometers to a lake we had seen. After finding a perfect spot we got shooed off by a police and a military, saying it wasn’t safe there, and recommended us to go to the public resting spot on the other side of the lake. Which we did. 🙂

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