Day 5 – To Savona and Grimaldi Lines

We got up so early that we couldn’t even leave the camping. The (not super friendly) lady owning the camping finally got up and let us out. We passed lots of tunnels and were slightly misled by the GPS app Copilot GPS before finding a really nice, deserted, winding, narrow and cozy road from Piacenta down to Rapallo on the Mediterranean. We had a nice dinner in Genua before, with great anticipation, finding our way to Savona and Grimaldi Lines for further ferrying to Morocco. I was very happy that I had been studying Google Street View to see what it looked like, because it was quite chaotic and not very well signed. Well, we made it to the ship and our, once again, quite luxurious cabin. Spending 48 hours there, I thought we could travel in some style.

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