BFGoodrich Goodproject sponsorship! New tent cover. Dropouts

So, BFGoodrich chose our project as the only project to sponsor this year! I will be getting a full new set of tires from them!

A few weeks ago, we had a big tragedy when we drove into Täby Centrum parking garage while forgetting that we had the roof tent on the roof. It didn’t end well. We touched the top of the tent into the ceiling at one point, making the tent all skewed and the cover scratched badly. After lots of calling around, I found a guy in Upplands Väsby who helped me straighten the tent and weld the steps. I also ordered a new tent cover from, and at the same time also a pre-tent. They arrived on the 21’st of August.

We are also experiencing a lot of cancellations from the Swedish participants. Currently it’s only Bernhard and us. Even Klas isn’t sure. To be continued…

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